Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture has a full academic rights: runs bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and post-graduate studies, and is authorized to grant doctorates and habilitation dissertations.

In addition to the traditional training of architects, implemented since 1945, preparing students for the profession of architect and urban planner at the Architecture and Urban Planning, from the year 2000/2001 Faculty of Architecture educates students in the newly created of Landscape Architecture.

CUT Faculty of Architecture has the following accreditations:

  • Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) – since 1998
  • Accreditation Commission for Technical Universities (Komisji Akredytacyjnej Uczelni Technicznych) – since 2002
  • National Accreditation Commission (Państwowej Komisji Akredytacyjnej ) since 2006
  • European Federation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA) – since 2010

In 2012, in the Official Journal of the European Union, Annex of the V Directive was published by the European Commission, which are entered CUT diplomas in the field of architecture – this means that graduates of the Faculty of Architecture gained recognized qualifications in the European Union.

In the year 2012 a field of study „Architecture” at the Faculty of Architecture was identified as the best by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and indicated to a special grant funding from the new pro-quality.

In terms of teaching Faculty of Architecture conducts regular updating of the curriculum, to adapt it to the needs of the labor market and the formal and substantive requirements of the European Union, taking care to preserve the autonomy and specificity of the Cracow School of Architecture. For this purpose was introduced credit scoring system that conforms to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Currently, at the Department of Architecture are studying 1431 students. Faculty also has 49 doctoral students. Teaching staff consists of 193 employees.

Cracow University of Technology Faculty of Architecture has an excellent staff of teachers, some of which are famous architects, distinguished authors, well-known not only in Poland but also abroad. The lecturers at the Faculty of Architecture are also professors from foreign universities and outstanding artists.

Cracow Faculty has extensive contacts in the world, maintains scientific collaboration and exchange of academic staff and student groups with renowned foreign universities and architectural environments.

Within the framework of the ERASMUS+, Overseas programmes and Bilateral Agreements, more than 140 students are studying annually at Faculty of Architecture – from Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey as well as from Australia-Tasmania, China, Korea, Mexico and United States.

Diploma Studies in Architecture at the FA CUT

First-cycle programme in Architecture (Bachelor)

The first degree (undergraduate) English-taught programme in Architecture comprises 8 semesters (240 ECTS credits) and follows the newest architectural education standards. It has  earned – as the only one in Poland –  two international accreditations: the Royal Institute of British Architects and the European Union Notification. Compact and student-friendly teaching blocks arrangement consists in: Integrated Design, Technical Knowledge Theory and Practice, Architectural and Urban Heritage Theory, Presentation Skills Practice, Architectural Profession Principles. The programme is conducted by the Faculty of Architecture at Cracow University of Technology as well as foreign visiting professors and experts from Europe, the USA and Canada. It is focused on quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning. This allows students to enjoy the place of study – the City of Cracow – a UNESCO listed city of heritage and always creative, rational, avant-garde, contemporary, operative, rational, innovative architecture – the best and complementary to study programme “teacher” of architectural and urban traditions and principles.

Full information about the application procedures: International Cooperation Office: iro.pk.edu.pl

Second-cycle programme in Architecture (Master)

The offer of these studies is meant for students with bachelor’s degree in Architecture and prepares them for professional practice as architects. The programme of studies is exactly the same as the curriculum in Polish which is a professional degree programme accredited by The Polish Accreditation Committee, The Accreditation Commission for Polish Universities of Technology, the EU evaluation as well as The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) evaluation. The programme of studies lasts for three semesters. The total number of ECTS credits is 90 (30 per semester). The total number of hours is 900 plus 150 for Internships after the 1st semester (1st semester: 405h +150h; 2nd semester: 390h, 3rd semester: 75h). The Master of Architecture programme of studies focuses on a wide range of issues directly affecting contemporary architecture and urban design.

Full information about the application procedures: International Cooperation Office: iro.pk.edu.pl